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Sheena-1Sheena is one of my favourite dogs in my section. She is very clever when it comes to training but the biggest issue with Sheena is that she is not great with new people. This is a problem for her (and us) because it makes it more difficult for her to find a new home, which is our dream for her.

Sheena used to constantly bark at Shivani, our rehab volunteer, through the fence but because we wanted to help her I asked Shivani to start building a relationship with Sheena. It takes time to do that but at the end we will get the results we want for Sheena.

The process we used was food and yummy treats through the fence and it did help , Sheena stared to trust Shivani … it was all happiness to her and myself. From there I started to take Sheena for walks with Shivani next to her and she even allowed Shivani to pat her without a problem. Although this worked for Shivani, it doesnt mean that Sheena will love anyone who gives her treats, but at least I have something to work on now 🙂

I want to thank our volunteers for their help to make things easier for the dogs of dogtownsa.

By James, Caregiver