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Aspin – how far I have come

IMG_7199I bet most of you would not even recognise me. So much has changed since the day I first stepped in to Dogtown. These people do not joke around when they talk about giving us furries a second chance. Here I am, a new dog, take two in life, your favourite from rags to riches story. Aspin.

I put on a few kilos thanks to my brilliant raw diet supplied by our friends at Doggychef. My physical recovery was the fun part. I got to eat and eat and munch a bunch of treats, I even got a bit chunky at a stage and my caregivers had to cut back on the snacking a bit. But with the proper exercise I got right back into shape. I’m in perfect condition now to be honest, healthy as a horse.

I also moved to the Dogtown farm and boy what a view. To any of you who have not yet visited us here, you really should. This is 5 star doggy living. It is the perfect place for any pooch to get back up on their feet. Every morning when I go out for a stroll on the mountain I am surrounded by new sounds and smells, I can’t even lift my nose off the ground for a second. I’ve also been very busy with some training. I’m learning all the basics like how to sit and down and to come when called. My caregiver says I’m an A+ student. I really just enjoy making her so proud.

Even though a lot has changed during my recovery, a lot has stayed the same as well. I still love playing with my toys, I still love cuddling in warm blankets and with winter around the corner wearing pretty jackets, I still dream about my forever family every night and hope they will come take me home and I still want you all to send your love and healing thoughts all the way to Dogtown. I am much better now but there are so many others out there who still needs all the help they can get. Please help Dogtown help more dogs to get their tails wagging again just like me.