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Baby Ginnie’s first Christmas

IMG_4045Hi ya Townies! Baby Ginny here.

I’m one of newest and youngest additions to Dogtown and let me tell you what, I’m lovin’ it.

I get fed gourmet meals twice a day, I get to meet lots of new dogs and have even picked my own friend that I get to live with!

Before I came here, I had no idea how to talk to other dogs or how to act around them. I didnt even know how to play!

But since coming here I’ve learnt doggy language, how to bark and my new roomy has taught me how to play. Ive even learnt how to play with toys! They are the best thing ever. I have LOTS of toys now; some squeaky toys and some teddy toys and lots of chew toys.

IMG_4046It’s my first Christmas here and my new caregivers said that I can write a letter to santa asking for anything I want and I’m so excited, I don’t know where to start!

I would love some more teddy toys, they are my favorite. I said I would also like some hoofs and biscuits and lots and lots of peanut butter…. YUM!

But the most important thing i asked santa for was a forever home with a loving family who has lots of energy to play and time to teach me how to be a good dog. Maybe even a friend I could play with?

Do you think you think santa will give me that? I have been such a good girl this year.

Ive also been told that a whole bunch of loving and awesome people come and visit all us doggies to give us presents and lots of cuddles and treats. I cant wait!

Please come down for a visit and say howzit. I love meeting new people.

Merry Christmas and happy new year! To find out more about me or to adopt me, just email the peeps at the Dogtown office – adopt@dogtownsa.org

Chat soon.

Baby Ginny

By Savannah, Caregiver

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