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Banjo’s Progress, Slow and Steady

IMG_3511Hi to you, all my lovely people . My name is Banjo man . I’m a GSD blend, actually I am a mini GSD 🙂

I grew up with no social skills that is why I ended up here at Dogtown, so that I can work on that. A family did try to adopt me once but I didnt really know how to act around their dogs so it didnt work out 🙁

But then I moved here at Dogtown,  and although I still found it difficult to settle, it all started to fall into place when I met the magic team (Mr Picane and Penny). They changed my life and I think I’m almost ready to go to a forever home!  Mr P and Penny are doing a lot to help me with my social skills and I am a lot more comfortable around other dogs now 🙂

Just look at me 🙂

By Picane, Caregiver

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