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Benjamin Button

By Jade

This little boy came to us and it wasn’t the phrase as cute as a button that earned him his name no, Button was losing his hair and his skin was black underneath (which is totally normal), but looked very strange indeed because you know you can’t normally see their skin.
The vet said he had a fungal infection that was causing the hair loss and so home with me he came, for bathing and bathing and some more bathing. But Benjamin Button still looked like a very old wrinkly man for such a young pup and his hair was getting less and less. A second opinion found that he actually had sarcoptic mange, which although infectious was fairly easily treated, all he needed was a dip after his baths and low and behold his ugly puppy syndrome was cured and what a hansom fellow he has become. His short slightly bowed legs have grown long and strong, his coat is now almost fully grown in and a beautiful fawn colour, he is fearless and friendly and playful and I fear that I may become a foster failure because this little guy just fits. I mean he plays with my cats, he loves all other dogs and people, oh how he loves people especially children. He’s quiet but feisty and a quick learner too. He knows his sits and downs and he even rolls over.
I know the perfect family is going to snap my precious baby up very very soon, I hope they are as perfect as he is…. Or maybe I will just keep him after all 🙂

benjamin  benjaminIMG_4645 IMG_4744 IMG_4747