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Big, Bold and Beautiful

IMG_3651Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you to the one and only Miss Violet…

When I first met Violet, I was a bit intimidated by her size because believe me, she is a big girl. Though I soon discovered that behind those beautiful brown eyes and big smile is a girl with a “heart of gold” and that she is perfect just the way she is… Violet is the softest, sweetest girl I have ever met, the true definition of a “Gentle Giant”. These last few months have been very trying for our Violet. She was surrendered to Dogtown with her brother Junior at the end of last year. Junior and Violet were inseparable soul mates. Unfortunately Junior crossed the rainbow bridge a few weeks ago due to health problems. Violet was shattered, her whole world turned upside down. A week after Junior passed she moved to my octagon where she quickly settled into her new garden. Before I knew it, Violet started running around with her new neighbours! She now loves to relax on her fancy couch and enjoys walks on the farm, showing off her graceful loose leash technique. Over weekends she is an early riser, ready for the volunteers who come in and spend time with her. Of course she doesn’t mind the extra yummy treats! Violet is a real inspiration to me, even though life almost knocked her down she still smiles, greets everybody with slobbery kisses and embraces every new day with her loving persona. As the saying goes… “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”, let me assure you that our Violet has a pure and loving reflection. This precious girl deserves a forever home with people that will love her unconditionally…. Words cannot truly express how special she is. So come by and meet Miss Violet, I assure you that it will be “love at first sight”.  Let’s help Violet find her forever home…

By Shilo,