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Big Girls Don’t Cry

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It’s kind a funny that I’m writing a rant about big girls, considering I barely hit the 5ft mark he he but as always I’m talking about the precious furkids. Today I’m standing up for those that fall into the large breed section. DogtownSA has an abundance of beautiful adult large breed fur kids, which seem to struggle to find their forever homes. It’s sad to say, many big dogs haven’t had a good run as being family dogs in our country. So many times you hear of people having a big dog outside and a little one inside 🙁 which is heartbreaking. Simply because of your size decides whether you get to snuggle in front of the tv with your family or you sleep outdoors and keep the family safe. I cannot fathom this line of thinking. ALL my dogs are with me in the house, NO-ONE sleeps outside, unless hubby is home late and I lock him out, he he.  All Dogs are family all no matter what the size. The joke is their dog is no protection outside in the garden, the criminals simply poison them and proceed to break in. Whereas if your fur kid is indoors they have less chance of actually breaking in. Plus a dog who is part of the family is more likely to protect them. As if that scenario isn’t lousy enough, as peoples styles of living changes, so do their ideas of pets. More and more people are moving into apartments or small cluster homes, where their large breed dogs are no longer needed or wanted. No dog needs a huge garden, they just need interaction with the family and quality time either playing, walking or attended doggy schools. People have been living in apartments in New York City for years and any day of the week you will see plenty of large breed dogs at central park, playing and spending quality time with their families. So when people say we have moved to a smaller place and it’s not fair on the dog, what they mean is, when we had a big property she kept herself  busy all day, now in a small place we actually have to try and entertain her and we don’t have time, because she isn’t a part of our family. So the sad news is that being born a large breed dog almost always sets you on the backfoot to finding your forever home. Being a 2nd hand large breed dog, seems to add even more woes to the search for their new forever family.
To be honest I don’t think most large dogs even know they are large, they just want snuggles and love and a nice section of our bed and all is happy in the land of dog.
So although little 5ft me does shed a tear every day for the big furkids. They don’t cry they are still oozing with love and optimistic that their loving family is coming to pick them today.