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Blade copyOur story of Blade starts with one night a lady finding him on our busy road in the dark. He was terrified just sitting in the middle of the road. I think the fact he was so scared and froze is what saved his life. Lucky for him the kind lady brought him to us.

We found out he actually lived at the adjoining property and he was quickly reunited. We love this lil guy he was so happy and go lucky.
Not long after his scary road trip, the neighbors came to the centre with Blade, they dont know what happened but Blade bit the gardener. Now we met this happy go lucky guy not so long ago but the lil guy they brought in that day was very fearful, we have no idea what happened but we knew we had to help him get his confidence back.

I have worked with him daily building up his trust and confidence and he is really excelling in his training, he’s even got a few tricks up his sleeves, he loves to show you how clever he is. His favourite trick is to spin on command and his basic obedience is pretty good to.

He is another boy that shows us, with the right guidance a dog can overcome their past and lead a happy life again.

Because we have done so much work with him and he has slowly began to find his happiness again, he will always need a family that will respect his needs and provide for them. Strangers are still a danger to him unless proved otherwise but once the friendship is made, its a solid loving friendship.

By Picane