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Bonzo and the Blue Roan

fullsizeoutput_32adThe humans at Dogtown call me Bonzo. Personally, I would have liked a more sophisticated name like Alexander or Xavier but for some reason, Bonzo stuck, so here I am. Bonz the Fonz (I cant get them to stop calling me that, I’ve tried). To make a very long story short, I have a tumor in my belly. A big, soccer ball sized tumor. I heard the  specialist vet tell the humans that my tumor is 19cm in diameter, now while I dont know what a diameter is, I’m pretty sure its not good. Ive sat quietly listening to the humans talk and listening to the specialist vet explain what is happening and what it means and I tell you, vet talk is hard to follow. But its ok, my caregiver, Wilmi came to me one day after breakfast and me and her had a heart to heart. She explained to me that this soccer ball in my belly is putting pressure on the rest of my organs. She explained to me that they cant just cut it out. She explained to me that life is not fair and sometimes its down right cruel, but that its ok because she loves me, more than all the stars in the sky. I see hundreds if not thousands of stars in the sky every night, so if she loves me as much as that, then i know everything is going to be ok. She also explained to me that I dont have as many days on this earth left as stars in the sky and that I should make the best of every single day. And thats the moment when she started telling me about our weekend away. I didnt quite understand all the excitement but then on Sunday morning bright and early, there she was at my garden with the biggest smile on her face. She had my bag packed and off we went.

We drove for what felt like hours but boy was it worth it. When we arrived, I could feel it, I could feel the peace …. I could feel the tranquility. We checked into a little cottage with all sorts of human stuff which made no sense to me but the garden was fantastic…. it was all good and dandy until it happened …. until those big dinosaurs appeared at the gate! They are called horses apparently but I know better, they are dinosaurs and they are big and scary! I simply had to shout at them to tell them that this garden is not dinosaur friendly. They did not listen to me and would not go away but its ok, my humans shut the door and closed the curtains and just like that, bam the dinosaurs were out of sight. Phew, I got  a bit worked up there just thinking about it again.


Well the weekend flew past me and if I had to tell you what I did all weekend, you would be so jealous. It was all sleeping and snoozing and cuddling and shouting at dinosaurs and eating roast chicken and more snoozing and cuddling and a lot of snoring!

This may not sound like much to some of you but to me, this was simply amazing. Im an old boy, Ive been around the block a few times. Ive seen firsthand what human neglect and cruelty can do and Ive had my fair share of hardship, but here, in this moment, all i feel is love and compassion. These humans here are not the same as the ones out there on the streets I tell you!

Well the weekend came to an end and we loaded all the human stuff back in the car and off we went, back to Dogtown. I am going to miss the little piece of heaven but I am most certainly not going to miss those dinosaurs who refuse to listen to me!  As the sun sets again tonight I am thinking about everything that happened the last 2 days and I’m waiting for the sun to set so that I can see all the stars in the sky, just to remind me how much I am loved.

By Wilmi, Caregiver

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