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Brownie – I thought I was a good boy :(

72f5a544-7f99-4b24-adee-5e5ec3ea1a14Well Hello you fine people out there. Today is your lucky day, today you get to meet the one and only, the charismatic, the handsome and totally irresistible furkid that is me! I am Brownie, how do you do?

My life took an unexpected turn when my family gave me to the gardener  Thankfully he asked Dogtown to help find a home for me as he was not in a position to care for me.

People say that I’m a spirited guy and I can’t disagree on that point. I love going on adventures and dashing around so that I don’t miss a thing. Yes, my name is Brownie and I have a little FOMO – pity there’s no support group for this hehe. There is one thing that gets me to stop and “smell the roses” though and that’s cuddles. I could lay there for hours if you would just let me (or a part of me) lounge on your lap. I love it when you talk to me while slowly running you hand over me. I think in those moments I know what it feels like to be in heaven.

I am patiently waiting for that perfect family to come and fall in love with me. I have lots of energy so if you are looking for a fellow-adventurer and hiking buddy, well then I’m your guy! I get along with most dogs and I love people! I would love to have older, human siblings who can run around and play with me. I do however need to tell you that I am not a fan of cats, so I need a family without those strange feline creatures please.

Im an affectionate older boy who will change your life forever! Please come and say hi 🙂

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