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Bruno’s Big Adventure

Hey guys and gals! My name is Bruno. I am a real busy boy who loves going on adventures, seeing new places and sniffing new things. Thing is, you won’t even believe the story I’m about to tell you…

  DSC_3202So I woke up the morning all stoked and ready for a day of fun here at the great place called Dogtown. I must add I was a bit concerned because I haven’t seen my caregiver and friend in adventures the whole of yesterday, but yummy breakfast soon settled my nerves. Sure enough that afternoon I saw her walking up with my favourite harness and lead. I was so excited I nearly jumped out of my skin! Walk time is my absolute best time of day, and just maybe this will be a social walk where I get to hang out with all my other four footed furry friends.

Just as I thought we were heading out the gate, we were stuffed in the back of a super scary motor vehicle! I am a bit scared of those moving metal boxes, more than a bit scared maybe. So off we went at light speed. My caregiver kept me calm by talking to me and stroking me and feeding me a few treats. I had to sit right on top of her lap. If my friend was not with me in the back of that car I definitely would have died and gone to heaven!

I thought that is exactly what happened when they opened that car door, because in front of me I saw the picture of heaven. Rocky hills and trees as far as the eyes can see, happy dogs in spacious gardens, the smell of liver-bread hanging in the air and my best friend smiling right there beside me. This place looked amazing and I couldn’t wait to have a sniff around.

She took me to my own new garden where I have a little house full of blankets, a few trees and a mat. The perfect spot to call home. Living next to me I have an old man named Vincent, we sometimes have a little chat through the fence. And on my other side I have the most beautiful lady named Malaika. She gives me butterflies in my tummy, I can feel a romance brewing here.

This was by far my greatest adventure yet. Welcome to the farm!

By Danel, Caregiver

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