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Bubbles & Terry – “Life starts at retirement”

IMG_6545Meet Bubbles & Terry, mom and son. Their “story” began with their humans moving into a smaller place and sadly, it was too small for these two. It must have been a really small place because these 2 really dont take up much space, but alas, this is how they made their way to Dogtown, many years ago. After a couple of months of searching for the perfect home, they were adopted together by a lovely lady. We got updates regularly about these 2 characters who were getting on in age.

Then their lives got turned upside down once again when after years of being in their home, their mom became ill and had to go into a care facility which would not allow her beloved Bubbles & Terry to join her. Sadly, Bubbles & Terry once again made their way to Dogtown, by now Bubbles was 11 and her son Terry, 9. Real golden oldies thats for sure! And thats when I became their caregiver, and that is where my story about these little treasures actually starts 🙂

When I first met Bubbles & Terry, I thought the office had made a mistake on their paperwork. There was no way that Bubbles could be 11 years old. No way. She acts like a puppy! She hops and jumps and does zoomies like a puppy. Her son Terry on the other hand, is only 9 but his soul seemed to be that of an old, old boy. He walk slowly, eats slowly, dozes off mid conversation (how rude). All he wanted to do was come and lean against you and get tummy cuddles while enjoying the sun on his face. All the while, Bubbles is busy chasing lizards and bouncing all over the show.

It didnt take long for somebody to fall in love with them. I must admit, I was dreading them being in the shelter for winter. Oldies should not be in rescue centers, especially not in winter time 🙁 I was busy doing something or another on the day that the adoptions lady walked over to me and said “Somebody is interested in Bubbles & Terry” – my heart skipped a beat! Really? Really? Whoohoooo!!!! Once i finished my impromptu happy dance, I started asking question about the home and what she told me just ticked all the boxes! Retired lady who is home all day – TICK. Safe garden for them to enjoy – TICK. Other oldies for Bubbles to play with – TICK. A cat to be a friend to Terry, (he is strange like that) – TICK. Doggies will sleep indoors (how else) at night in warm cozy beds and endless supply of biscuits – TICK. What more could a girl ask for 🙂

So off the adoptions lady went to do her officey stuff and boom bam allacazam – it was their ADOPTION DAY! I had packed all their “stuff” and off they went, into the sunset (ok well it was around mid morning but you know what I mean) – off they went to their new life, their new beginning, their FOREVER home.

When they arrived at their new home, it took them all of 5 minutes to settle in. By the time all the doggies met each other and made friends and the paperwork was handled, Bubbles was already chasing lizards again and exploring the lovely garden. Terry on the other hand was hanging around the humans, just in case somebody wanted to give him some tummy-tickles, those are not to be missed in the world of Terry.

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Their new mom has been fantastic at sending us photos and updated and telling us all about their adventures. It is as if they had been there their whole lives, they settled in with no issues at all, new fur-family and all. I had to giggle, on one of the updates we received their new mom said that Bubbles has figured out how to get on to the dining room table and often snatches any unattended biscuits (if the cat doesn’t get to them first) hehe, I can only sit and laugh. Bubbles, at age 11, is getting up to mischief and competing with the cat for stray-biscuits hehe. Terry of course is his old usual self 🙂


There is a special place in my heart for oldies and an even bigger place in my heart for people who adopt oldies! Life really does start at retirement, for furkid and humans alike. Thank you Rika for giving these 2 super special furkids a happy ever after 🙂 #petsforlife

By Wilmi, Caregiver