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Can a dog learn to love again?


Hello there.
My name is Neno

My story begins where I was brought up in an abusive home. I wont bore you with the details.

I was eventually surrendered to Dog Town, Where I have received the best care and love I have ever known.

During my time here I have learnt to trust again, it took me some time to trust the people looking after me now. I still take my time to trust new people.

I spend some time roaming around, and if that’s not enough, I get to play with my tire swing and shake it all about. I enjoy that so much, and when I go for walks I even get treats hidden for me in the grass to find.

I LOVE my food. My favorite treat is banana, who would have guessed right? Makes me drool just thinking about them.

I enjoy my ears being rubbed, will even lay over your lap while you do.

So the Answer to the question…. Yes I think we can all learn to love again, In time.

For now I bid you farewell and complements of the new year ahead.

By Lee, Caregiver