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Candice and her Adorable Puppies

feeding (3)Hi there peeps

I have a strong feeling that as we come to the end of yet another extremely action packed year (how time does fly!!!) that you may be feeling pretty exhausted, to say the least, and looking forward to a well-deserved rest – weeeellllll Dogtown has the best “pick me up remedy” you could wish for.   YES YES YES PUPPIES, PUPPIES, PUPPIES and lots of them. The cutest patooties you have ever seen and there are seven of them.   One boy and six girls!!!!   Boooooootiful!!!   Just waiting to make all your year’s trials and tribulations vanish and give you a cuddly four legged furry friend that wants to snuggle into you, give you lots of kisses and breathe that wonderful puppy breath all over you making you feel like a million dollars!!!   The wonderful Mum that has produced this awesome litter is Mamma Candice and she was rescued in August after a very concerned early morning walker saw her lying close to a ditch but was unable to approach as she was walking her own dogs.   She contacted Dogtown and we revved up our Dog mobile and went to see if we could help and luckily we managed to rescue Candice who was dazed and semi-conscious at the time.   She was taken straight to our vet given a very thorough examination and kept at the vet for a few days to find out the full extent of her injuries and monitored until she was strong enough to leave and come and join the Dogtown family.   However, something we didn’t expect to be told was that she was pregnant and due within 5 – 10 days.   Weellll suddenly everyone was on alert and hoping that Candice would take as long as possible before giving birth whilst we found the best place for her to have her babes.   We were extremely lucky as one of our longtime supporters Jane along with our caregiver Andy, was willing to take her and help with the birthing and keep Mum and babies safe and sound until they were old enough to come to the centre.

So at the beginning of September Mamma Candice gave birth and boy oh boy we were all amazed because she is not the biggest of furgals herself and to have so many babies was quite some magnificent achievement!!!!!    She has been a brilliant mum right from day one and her pups are thriving.   They are now ten weeks old and are developing into such “playful” characters with the cutest faces and individual markings that you just want to cuddle and play with them all day long. They have just been given a wonderful puppy play-gym which includes a tunnel, little step ladder up to a slide and have been playing on and under and through this all day long. It really is a puppy playground!! They also have many toys to chew and often drag them across their run normally ending up having a great tug of war between them to see who can win the toy and run off with it and then the game of chase starts to see who will get it back. As you can well imagine we spend many hours just watching these” littlies” play and enjoy life so, this is why I say, that if you come and have a look for yourselves you will definitely fall in love and realise that this will be a wonderful way to erase your year-end stresses and tension and bring you a tremendous amount of joy for the rest of their life, in its place.   This week as well was one of the most intriguing for them all as they experienced hail stones which fell and formed lots of balls in their run.    You could see the quizzical looks on their faces especially when they went to try and grab the ice and pull it away only to find it melted in their mouths.   As you can imagine the rain puddles are even better to play in and it is amazing because play time always coincides with feeding time and I think they conspire together to wait as you walk in with their bowls to jump up on you and get you just as muddy as they are!!!!   All you can do is laugh as those big puppy eyes look up at you as if butter wouldn’t melt !!!!   Life as a puppy at Dogtown is “such fun” and that is how it should be.   Every Saturday morning a group of volunteers come and help with the puppy training and they are all getting very clever. They have now mastered the sit, down and little recalls.   We use yummy treats for training and these pups learn very quickly that when achieving the correct behaviour they receive very tasty treats as a reward. Training lessons really are great fun for all.   At this age all puppies learn fast and remember what they have learnt for the rest of their lives so we take this opportunity to teach them how to be good well-adjusted fur-family members ready to join their own forever families.   Why not come by and meet our awesome patooties!!!!!

To adopt one of these little pooplets please contact adopt@dogtownsa.org / 076 044 1979


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