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Candice – My last letter

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 3.55.40 PMHi Townies, I am sure you all remember ME…Candice. In August 2015 a wonderful Lady found me in a ditch and called Dogtown to come and save me, I had a big head injury and they soon discovered that I was pregnant.

They treated me like royalty, took me to the vet so they can have a look at my head, gave me a nice warm bed, yummy food and SOOO much love.

A couple of days later my babies were born. A lot of people came to look at me and my puppies and in a jiffy, all my puppies got adopted but nobody was interested in me. My Caregivers always told me I shouldn’t lose hope and that one day the right family will adopt me. My one friend once said to me that we should start each day with new hope, we should leave bad memories behind and have faith for a better tomorrow.

IMG_0701SOOO on one Sunny Saturday a Lady came to look at me and GUESS WHAT???? She LOVED ME and ADOPTED ME!!! She said I was beautiful and loved the way I sing (Let me just tell you I sing like Christina Aguilera).

And so, my Forever home adventure began…. I now have a big Doggy Brother who is so amazing, I finally have someone that I can call Mommy. I have a lovely garden to call my own where I can run, play and explore. My new house, garden, Mom and Brother is just PERFECT!

So, Townies this is officially my last letter to you <3 I don’t know where to start saying THANK YOU… Thank YOU for your part in my journey, all the Volunteers that loved me dearly, my Caregivers that helped me overcome my fears and a big THANKS to all the supporters that donate so Dogtown can help dogs like me.

IMG_6794My dream came true, I am so blessed with the best Christmas gift ever. I don’t want to sound greedy, BUT I still have one more WISH…. When I was at Dogtown I had a friend called Moby, he is such a special black fluffy boy that really deserves a forever home. He is funny, cute, very social with other dogs, loves to play, as clever as Einstein and he has the cutest curly tail he he. It would be sooo cool if he can also have Christmas with a loving family opening gifts under the Christmas tree. Go and meet him at the Dogtown farm, you are going to fall in love with him immediately. Ooooh Golly look at the time, I need to go…. BYE Townies.

To check out handsome Moby’s profile, click here

Merry Christmas Townies.

Love, Candice.

By Shilo, Caregiver