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Chaka the great.

Chaka-8Chaka is my sharpei boy, he came to Dogtown as his previous family did not really understand him very well and then one day left the gate open – and he disappeared. After  months of searching the Dogtown team finally rescued him from a life of running around and dodging traffic. He found it difficult to trust a humans when he first arrived but with the Dogtown team, everything is possible.

Yes it was difficult for him to trust a human again as he was used to people chasing him, cars hooting at him and all those bad living conditions. It didnt take long and with love and care he received from the Dogtown team, he slowly started to be his old self and was slowly trusting humans again.

Yes, people believe Sharpies are difficult to train but this boy is busy proving them wrong. He already has so many good behaviours and training. Right now I’m doing some scent work with him (just started so its very basic) and he is doing so well. I’m just so proud of this boy.

By Picane, Caregiver