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Chipz Update

4ed8d758-f746-413b-b669-8c869ca2a912Hiya all you peeps out there. I hope you are keeping nice and warm snuggled up in your warm blankets as we pass through our winter season. I must say Alaska and I have such warm blankets and know we are much luckier than a lot of furkids out there and that is definitely thanks to all you wonderful guys who have donated to us. Anyway I just thought it was a good time to give you an update on my health and progress as I have had quite a spate of sickness since the beginning of April this year.

Thank you all for sending me so many messages to get better it really has spurred me on. As you know I ended up having to go to the vet a lot and spending so much time there which made me really sad and I missed my furgal soo much and she missed me too.

Anyway I am absolutely on the road to health now and even though I still have to take meds each day I know it will help me get back to my normal handsome charismatic self (hehehe)    So let me tell you my secret of what has been helping me get so much better.

f88afca6-53c2-43e0-863d-dec97fb2d06dMy caregiver has been taking me on one of the bestest activities you can imagine.   It is called tracking and honestly I just loooovvvveee it !!    I don’t know if you peeps out there have ever done this but really it is the best fun ever.  Your furries are going to love it too.  I can’ tell you just how much I look forward to seeing my carer come to my run with her back-pack on. That is the signal that we are going out. So let me tell you what happens cos then you also can have a go and find out for yourselves.

First of all we go out on the walking trails and then I have to wait at a certain point with the one carer whilst the other one goes off. I look the other way or go off in the other direction until a signal is given to come.   Then my carer puts on a very long lead onto my harness and takes me to this pole which is leading off from the trails. She tells me to “soek soek” and that means I put my nose down and guess what – there on the ground – a handful of yummy treats.

Then I keep my nose down as I get these really enticing smells that I follow and every so often I find more treats. It is brilliant – the more I sniff the more treats I get to find. It is getting so much easier to get my nose sniffing and I just want to keep going to find the next and the next. Then you’re not going to believe it but suddenly I come upon a huge jackpot of treats and my carer jumps up and down and gives me lots of cuddles and is as pleased as punch with me. This is the end of the track and I am allowed to get stuck into these treats with such gusto.

e0c3be38-42b9-4e42-87bb-a194dd3b35afWhen I have finished we then walk back together and off to another place and play the game again. I usually get to do this 3 times and honestly it is the most fun I have had in a long time.   I hear my carer telling other people just how clever I am and that I am using my nose so well and that I work at a good steady pace. Well I know that my nose is just itching to follow all the scents that I can find and I really like to take my time so that I don’t miss any or go the wrong way. I know it is very important to follow the right track and if I am not sure of the way I just stand still and sniff the air or wait for the wind to give me a clue.

I can honestly say that since I have been doing this I have felt so much better and truly believe this has made me heal quicker as well.   I have so much energy and feel stronger and happier each day. So all you folks out there I really do suggest that you have a go at this game because I am sure you will get as much fun out of it as I did and so will your furkids.

Please please don’t forget that both Alaska and I are still patiently waiting for our forever home and would love to come and join your family so that we could all play this game together in your garden or out in the open bush.

Chipz: https://barkingmad.co.za/pets/chipz/

Alaska: https://barkingmad.co.za/pets/alaska-2/

To help us with Chipz Vetbill please contact pat@dogtownsa.org

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By Joanna, Team Leader.

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