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Chipz, getting better every day

Hey townies

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Chipz here just popping in to say hi on this workers day and to let you know I’m staying with Auntie Tersha while I recover. It’s pretty awesome here. I love having private nursing care. Much more appropriate for my constant round the clock that is needed.

I went and saw the specialist Dr Garry yesterday as he squeezed me in for an emergency check up as these townies were seriously stressing that I was not healing.  He gave me a thorough check up and changed my Meds a bit  and the best is he said I will make a full recovery which I know has calmed everyone here to a mild panic here. They always feel So much better when Dr Garry tells them stuff.

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After all this care, love and treatment, which was never withheld for any reason. I’m going to ask if you guys could help a dude out  and please sms CHIPZ to 38919 and send your boy R10. I have a feeling my vet bill is part of the reason Dogtown got a bit of a financial fright yesterday that set mamma Tracy into a meltdown. So if I could show her to stop stressing about my vet bills and reassure her that you and I have got this covered. That would be a huge help.  Ok townies nurse Tersha has had way too long of a break from fussing over me, so time to put my phone down  and sad face on. Let the cuddles and love begin. Oh no, shes coming with the cream 🙁 and cue extra sad face.

On the mend

On the mend

Love ya Chipz