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Clever Jackie

jackieMeet Jackie, a beautiful cross breed girl of about 3 years old. Initially she was surrendered to Dogtown by her owner because she was considered a nuisance by the neighbours in the township. She can be a bit shouty sometimes. Jackie is a very busy dog, always barking and playing.

This month I stared training her to “leave it”, just to help with her food guarding issue. She has done great with her training and doesnt guard her food anymore.

Ive also done object interaction with her and she did great. The idea of this training is to let her do a sit or a down without a cue. So far she has mastered the sit.

She also did great in our porch challenge where she has to go to her porch and sit and wait for me to come into her garden.

Its very clear that Jackie is very clever! I love teaching her and look forward to doing more training with her.

By Picane, Caregiver

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