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Copper and Sumner’s Big Adventure

Howdy there folks. My name’s Copper and I’m a resident here at Dogtown. I live with my brother, Sumner, we have a blast together. All day long we get to lounge around in our pool and play as much as we want… although it drives our  neighbours mad cause they wanna join in the fun too!

There’s a new attraction that’s been built here and I’ve heard so much about it! Our new neighbour, Chappie, said its such a jol!

Ive been trying to go for weeks but it’s been fully booked… until a few days ago! My brother and I were going out for what we thought would be a normal walk, so we happily waited for our harness to be put on and off we went. Soon after leaving our garden, Sumner and I knew something was up. We were walking a completely different route to what we had before so naturally I was getting very excited.

We walked a few meters, went through a strange new gate, turned around a corner and there it was; a beautiful open space fulled with lush grass and…. A POOL!

Oh my gosh I got so excited when I saw this place that I had to run for it! This is what all the fuss was about…  And I could understand why.

Our caregiver let us off lead and we were free to run and sniff and jump and spin and do what ever we wanted! This was the best day ever!

My brother and I went all over the play-area and well…. started playing. The best part about this place was the pool. Oh the glorious pool where we splashed and fooled around.

We got pretty tired after all the fun so after a while, Sumner and I decided to go and sit with our caregiver and just chill.

This really truly was the best day ever. We’d love to show you around so come pop over for a visit and we can show you what all the fuss is about.

If you would like to give more dogs the opportunity to run wild, then please help Dogtown to build more areas like this by donating anything you can.

Lot of hugs and kisses,

Copper and Sumnar”

By Savannah, Caregiver

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