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Hi my name is Crosby. Well that’s my new name; nobody really knows what my original name was but Crosby suits me just fine because if the truth be told, I am a bit of a crooner and at eight years old one of the more mature and good looking gents here at DogtownSA!

Let me tell you all how I came to be at this amazing hotel that caters for all the famous furkids , well really those of us that come from a less fortunate background but now have a voice, so we feel famous.

I was living a less than ideal lifestyle in a nearby township with all the hardships that come with living on the street. As a Rottweiler blend I was expected to be fierce and at night I was left outside (even in the cold winter) and obliged to protect my owners. During the day I was left pretty much to fend for myself and never given too much love or attention.

Finally when I was feeling really neglected and was covered with itchy, irritating fleas which made me really feel depressed, my owners decided they didn’t want me anymore and brought me to Dogtown. I guess that in itself is a blessing in disguise as they could have just abandoned me in the veld or on a trash dump.

Enough of all the gloom and doom, let’s get on to the good stuff. From the moment I arrived here I realised this was no ordinary joint. The peeps are amazing! Everybody from the caregivers to the volunteers all have such happy attitudes and never miss a chance to remind me how handsome I am. The first thing the caregivers did was to give me a bath in a special shampoo that got rid of all those nasty little fleas and made me feel soooo much better. All the enthusiasm and keenness in what they do is also very infectious and I even find my tail wagging sometimes without even knowing why!

And the meals here – wow!!! Twice a day!!! And always with some sort of little extras added to make it really appetising. No wonder they call it the Best Doggie Hotel south of the equator.

Soon after my arrival I was introduced to a great young fella called Digit who had come from a similar background to mine – abandoned by owner. We got on together right from the start and now have enormous fun playing together and going for long casual walks with our caregivers and volunteers where we can sniff around and do normal doggie things.

To really put the cherry on the top it would be fantastic if I could now find a forever home with a family I could call my own.   Of course they would have a very special bunch to equal all the love and attention I get at dogtown. Oh, it would be great if Digit could come along with me too – hehehehehe.

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