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Digit’s journey – A happy Ending

Digit1 feb2015Sometimes a rough start in life can still lead to a second chance for a deserving dog. Digit is for sure one of those worthy dogs.

I am constantly reminded of the cruelty that people put dogs, and other animals, through. This is probably the most challenging thing about working at Dogtown or any other shelter. When an abused, hurt, sick or terrified dog is surrendered to Dogtown, it hurts my heart so deep every time. After a little while of feeling sad, anger takes over and I want to do the same thing that was done to the dogs, to the people who did it. Every time I look in the eyes of these dogs, I am continually questioning humanity and how humans could do these things to innocent dogs.

But when I look at Digit these days, I’m also reminded of the beautiful things people do to make the dogs “whole” again. While seeing this neglect and cruelty as painful, it’s also the “medicine” that keeps us going – a shelter like a well-oiled machine….

We watch their wounds heal. We see a dog go from cowering at the back of its kennel to coming right up to the gate with its tail wagging, begging you to take him for a walk or cuddle him. We see them trusting us again, and become social with other dogs and people.

These transformations will never stop amazing me!

IMG_3037Digit was one of the scared ones. No one could touch him, so we couldn’t cuddle him or take him for walks. He always ran away when anyone came near him. We really can’t exactly say what happened to him other than that the owner did not want him on the property anymore, but we suspect that he was hit on his head and his back. So he was afraid of people, and who could blame him?

With many years of work from our fantastic Dogtown staff, he has grown into a beautiful dog that is so gentle and loving and social. I am so grateful to say that I was part of his healing process. Nowadays he is such a sweet, snuggly boy, who loves treats and attention! Remember that 1967 Beatles song?…..”All you need is LOVE”!

IMG_6551 IMG_6562

Digit, my old boy, got all the love he deserves from the Dogtown staff, and he was just waiting for his forever family to come and scoop him up.

And guess what!!! His forever mom came and scooped him up! Just like that, even if he is an old dog! Digit is going home! After about three years at Dogtown, this is the beginning of his new life with his mom, Gill.

Thank you Digit for the nearly three years full of laughter, love and fun and kisses and cuddles and most of all…….your endless love!

I love you, my boy, and wish you well! Hope you celebrate many Rescue- and Adoptionversaries.

By Susan, Caregiver