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Dogtown Achievements October

Hey there Townies

We may have achieved our most unexpected homing this past month and I could not be more thrilled. Our boy had all the wrong boxes checked when it came to being an easily adoptable dog. One, he was old and has numerous supplements for his old bones. Two, he’s terrified of thunder and can be a handful when a storm comes along and three, he’s a Pitbull.

Deep down I think we had all resigned ourselves to him living out his life in our little shelter but to our absolute excitement, a previous adopter of ours fell in love with him. Now we all know our Sniperoonie loves everyone, so we knew he would adore his new family, we just didn’t realise how him being settled in a loving home would almost diminish his extreme fear of thunder.


All he needed was a loving family to snuggle up with on the couch with and he is no longer worried about the thunder. I mean come on, is that not the best adoption story. It gives me goosies every time I think of him chilling on a couch in his very own home.

Now all adoptions, especially in these trying times are pure joy for me. We’ve had more of our precious babies head to their forever homes and I’m sure one day we will manage to have more adoptions than intakes. We’re probably the only career choice where you would be happy to no longer be needed. We would be thrilled if every dog had a loving home and animals being dumped, abandoned and abused would be a thing of the past. I hope to see this become a reality in my lifetime. But while we wait for this dream to come true we are so grateful that Dogtown, with the wonderful help of our Townies, is saving and enriching more lives every day.


Alongside the awesome homing of our old boy Sniper, we are grateful that we think we have finally got to the bottom of our beautiful Tiaras medical saga. After spending a week at 4ways vet and numerous tests, we discovered Tiara had diabetes.

They spent the week sorting out her glucose levels and once she was stabilised she was able to come home with insulin. She’s looking the best we’ve seen so far. Although the Drs are concerned that she has cancer also. We are seeing a bouncy, hungry Tiara and she’s too beautiful. To think she was a girl lying in the middle of the road with no strength to get up and move. With no-one caring enough to even see how she was. To receiving the best veterinary care possible and finally getting this previously unloved girl back on the road to recovery is an incredible blessing. If anything, now our girl finally knows what it is like to be loved and cared for.

Besides moving in with caregiver Tersha, she has had countless volunteers visit her and tell her how beautiful she is. I’m hoping we get to continue to give you incredible updates on her recovery. Once she is strong and has put some more weight on, we will then tackle the possible cancer, but for now, we’re just going to love her and cherish her and thank each and everyone of you that believed she deserved a chance.

  WhatsApp Image 2018-10-24 at 12.12.16(1) WhatsApp Image 2018-10-24 at 12.12.17

Friday nights will never be the same again. Not ones to sit on our laurels, after attending the first Murphys vegan night market, we decided instead of just visiting the the market, we would try and raise some funds at the same time. The awesome peeps at Veggie Divine sponsored us some vegan boeries and we were good to go. We had an awesome evening and we got to raise funds at the same time. Bonus.

Everyday it gets harder to run a rescue centre at our level of care but these little glimmers of hope are what help us to get out of bed tomorrow and do even better. Thank you Townies for entrusting us to help save and enrich more lives.