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I very often watch in awe what the Dogtown team is capable of.   From catching street smart feral dogs to calming dogs down who attempted to jump through a window to attack.   Our work here is everything but ‘romantic’. We get drooled on, pooped on, we get scratched, nipped, head butted, pulled down to eat dirt, sometimes, that is just during the first hour of our day.

Many staff join Dogtown just to be able to pay the bills, but soon enough it becomes so much more than just a job. It becomes being able to get closer to a difficult dog, even if your job initially was just to fix a fence or a gate. For someone who joined us just because they like dogs, it becomes an opportunity to learn to understand them and to make a big difference in their lives.

The magic of Dogtown people is their compassion and empathy. They are not the type of people who would sit back and watch another person struggle, they are always willing to help and lift their colleagues up even if they are so tired that they can barely lift their feet to take another step.

I’m really proud of what we do, and I am so blessed to be working with such an amazing group of people.   And yes, I could probably have just e-mailed this to everyone in the team, but I just really wanted to give all of you some inside info on the people you are supporting and enabling, when you support Dogtown.

Have a blessed festive season, be safe and if you are going on holiday without your fur-kids, please make sure they are taken care off while you are away.

By Tersha, Trainer

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