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When I started as a Volunteer at DogTown I knew within a few weeks that my calling in life was definitely a career or at least a more permanent road with the furkids. As a volunteer I loved spending time with them and of course spoiling them with cuddles and copious amounts of love and treats. I had my heart set on becoming a caretaker and was completely over the moon when a position opened up – even the timing was right as I was finally in a position to make the move from my then existing career to this one I so desperately wanted to pursue.

Thus I became a caretaker for DogTown. And Oh Boy! How incredibly different it is from just being a Volunteer. I finally understand the absolute appreciation and precious value of our volunteers. They are invaluable to us caretakers – every bit of help or doggie you guys help to walk is an absolute blessing and a huge thank you goes out to all of you!!!

Having been a caretaker for only three weeks now, I’m still in the process of getting to really know and understand the dogs in my section – so I am not entirely ready to single out one of them for a story just yet, but I can tell you guys that they are all so amazing. It is an absolutely fantastic journey to get to know each one of my furkids – getting to know all their personal quirks and different personalities makes the job worth every possibility of heatstroke or physicality involved in caring for them. Nothing touches your heart more than those enthusiastic greetings and tail wagging EVERY time you go into a run. Even when its meds, ointment or eye drops – the smiles and unconditional happiness to see you is always there. And even if it’s not so pleasant to have sunblock, shoofly on ears or eye drops applied, a cuddle and a tasty biscuit will always make sure you’re forgiven and still loved.

In terms of learning about the intricacies of dog training and behavioural modification, which is one of the most important aspects in making our furkids ready for their forever homes, I have learned an incredible amount of valuable information. And I am sure there is much more to come!! I want to thank all the trainers at DogTown as well as my fellow caretakers for everything and all their ongoing assistance as well as for their efforts and patience in moulding me into the best I can be for our furkids. It is you guys and the successes in doggie happiness that makes our job worthwhile and oh so rewarding. Let’s not ever forget the reasons why we are doing this – I hope to still walk a long path and journey with my fellow DogTown family as well as all our existing and future furkids – and of course everyone who opens up their heart to our cause!

By Yvette