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Duke’s Diary

IMG_0691Dear Diary, another day has come and gone. So as I make myself comfortable here on my cozy hound sleeper, I decided to reflect on my day. The evening sun is softly smiling down on me, life is good here at Dogtown, my home until I find my forever home. Not all days are the same, but today was a pretty good day for me and I would like to tell you all about it.

My day starts literally at the crack of dawn. At 7am the caregivers come out of nowhere (I guess their hound sleepers are not very comfortable), anyway they all show up here happy and chirpy. My very own personal assistant (ok so she prefers the term caregiver but I suppose what I call her is up to me) … she is particularly loud and bouncy in the mornings, that is right up my ally, I am such a morning person! First thing in the morning she comes to say hello to each of us individually and make sure we are ok. Not sure what she thinks we do at night but its nice to know she cares about us (she doesn’t have to know about the late night parties now does she).

After she has unlocked her office and put down all her “stuff” (humans have a lot of stuff) its time for Walkies! We get harnessed up and off we go on our brisk morning mountain walk! I love the quality time between the tall, loud personal assistant and the Dukester! What an awesome way to start the day!

Then comes breakfast time and at Dogtown, breakfast time is training time! I think the fact that we are all super hungry in the morning is great motivation for them to teach us “stuff”. Today I worked on my SIT-STAY. Im still struggling with it a bit, my bum has a mind of its own and wont stay on the floor but I’m making progress 🙂

Now its chill time. Mid morning means that I can chill on my hound sleeper and make notes on my crazy personal assistant, she does the weirdest things. She steals our poop, she really does, everyday. I have no idea what she does with it but yeah, she takes it way twice a day. Im not asking any questions! Our water bowls get cleaned and filled and our paddle pools too. I really only stand in my pool, I’m not exactly sure about the swimming thing but I’m quite happy to just soak my paws in the big shell shaped water bowl 🙂

After lunch is games and cuddle time! The personal assistant of mine comes and we get to do whatever I like! Sometimes I like games but sometimes I just want to cuddle, lucky for me she understands me so afternoon quality time is awesome! Today we just spent some time chilling and having a long heart to heart. Philosophy isn’t really her strong suit but she a good listener!

Then, just as I was about to start getting bored, she starts again with the poop stealing. Its all very strange but hey, to each their own! Water gets topped up and she keeps checking my blankets, I’m not sure what she’s looking for but she’s forever checking stuff. Humans are strange. Anyway…

Dinner is not dinner unless it involves a brain toy! Its all very strange we get our dinner in these weird, multi coloured feeding puzzles and it takes a while to figure out how exactly it works. I act tough but I actually like the challenge, an old boy like me, yeah we still have what it takes 🙂

Yawn….. well that was my day today. I see my personal assistant is busy packing up all that stuff she brought in this morning so i guess she is heading home to go make herself some dinner braintoys. But then just as I get comfortable, she comes round with a box of biscuits ….. whooohooooo ….. my favourite time of the day. She checks on each of us again, makes sure we are ok and then we get a yummy montego biscuit (ok I dont always eat mine unless it has icing or is boerewors flavoured but still, I appreciate the sentiment). Off she waddles into the sunset and I get back to lounging on my houndslepeer, thinking about how good life is here in MontegoTown 🙂

Love, Duke x

DUKE IMG_0689 IMG_0720