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Everyone needs a Jackson to make life interesting!

Everyone needs a Jackson to make life interesting!

IMG_9363Why I hear you ask. Well let me give you the Urban Dictionary’s definition of the name Jackson and all shall become clear:

“A ‘furboy’ of high energy and appeal. His intensity is both a blessing and a curse. His spontaneity and enthusiasm are inspiring but at times exhausting. He is easily loved and a pure joy to all who meet him. His zest for life is contagious.”

Well that sums me up pretty darn well. But hey, that’s enough about Jackson the name. Let me tell you a bit about myself – Jackson the furkid!

I’m a Groenendael (Belgian Shepherd Dog/Border Collie) Blend and at 4½ years old and weighing in at 28kg, I’m quite a boy – a real catch for any furgal, even if I say so myself 🙂

My journey to the now internationally known Dogtown Hotel was alas, like most of the furries here, not one of plain sailing! It all began in October last year when my family fell on hard times and due to various reasons had to split up resulting in poor old me being adopted by a new family of peeps. This did not go to well as they already had a furkid who insisted that everything belonged to him and would never share anything. Now I know I can be a little possessive over things myself, but come on really, aren’t family members meant to share? Anyway things eventually came to a head when one day my new peep dad gave us one bone to share between the two of us! Now how silly was that and yes you guessed it, the two of us furlads had quite a scrap. As the new boy on the block I of course got all the blame and was immediately evicted and landed up at the pound. The peeps there seemed even more peculiar than the “one bone dad” and advised that my behaviour issues were too severe and that I should be put to sleep. Wow now that’s what I would call severe NOT my behaviour over a few bones etc.

Fortunately my original family heard of my plight and managed to step in and avoid this ludicrous judgement by the pound peeps. They then managed by hell or high water to get me a place at Dogtown and I was flown up from the coast to begin this new adventure. Of course all this uncertainty and moving from one place to another put me under a huge amount of stress and trauma and made me feel very insecure and fearful which did not help my so called severe behavioural issues.

From here on the story blossoms. These wonderful peeps at Dogtown prefer to focus on a furkid’s good points and believe we all deserve a chance to prove how great we can be with the correct guidance. Since being here I have learnt all sorts of good things and I go for regular walks, get the most amazing meals (and plenty of treats) and live in a fantastic Wendy house with loads of garden space. They are also working with me on those “behaviour issues” that nearly saw my story having a very different outcome.

With all the love and guidance I’m getting from all the Dogtown peeps, I’m sure I will soon be ready to go to a new family with whom I can share all the kindness and affection I have learnt while living at the best Hotel on the planet!

By Gordon, Trainer

jackson IMG_9363