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Find It Tarzan!

IMG_6751Helloooooo all you special peeps out there my name is Tarzan. I am one of the more mature furkids residing at this extraordinary place called Dogtown. I thought I would just update you on the latest games we are playing with our caregivers and hope that one of you suuuper duuuper families out there, who is looking for that mature personality in a furry to join them, would like to play too.

You see I have to admit I do like to be an “only” furry as I love lots of attention and being spoiled (hehehe) but honestly in return I will be there for you 24/7. I will always be ready to go on walks, hikes and any excursions you may want to take. Yet I am also very willing to just sit and chill with you listening to music or watching movies (not just about Tarzan swinging through the trees) but anything you enjoy. I must say as well I love listening to human’s stories and give very good advice when needed. That always means I can give you more kisses and cuddles and we can play ball if you want toooo. But let me tell you about my new game cos this may just be the sort of thing you would like to try with me because I seem to make my caregiver soooo happy when we play that I would like to make you happy tooo.

So how we start off is by going on a super duper walk (which I do so enjoy) and then after we have been walking for a while my career asks me to “find it”. Then we turn back on our trail and start searching for something my carer seems to have lost. What I like the best is as we start searching I put my nose down on the ground and follow the fresh scent we have left and I can easily find the way we walked. As soon as I find the object on the trail (which is a small plastic container) my career opens it up and I get the most amazing yummy treats (liver bread) that are inside. She seems so happy because we have found her special box.

Then off we go and after a while she asks me to “find it” again. Honestly I think she has a problem with carrying too many things so keeps dropping her goodies but I really don’t mind because I just have such fun going back and using my nose to find the articles. Yes it is brilliant getting the treats and her being so happy but I really love this new game. Now that I am getting the hang of it as well she seems to be dropping more things for me so I have a feeling she is really doing it on purpose and not being absent minded !!! I have to show off a wee bit as even with all the different scents on the tracks I feel very clever being able to find the special one for my carer.

I have heard the other furkids chatting about this game and they say it is very useful for our humans especially if they take us out and lose their keys or phones and we can then help them find them.
So you wonderful peeps out there if you would like to play “find it” with me or any other game you play, or just chill by the pool and tell me your special stories please do, as I am still waiting patiently for my forever home and even though I am a wee bit older will give you all my love forever and make sure you never lose any of your valuable possessions.

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By Joanna, Trainer