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From a desk to Dogtown

by Candice

4 weeks ago I packed up my things, said goodbye to my desk job and HELLO to Dogtown. Only half knowing what to expect on my first morning, I made my way to the kitchen for feeding time. My welcome was a kitchen full of chaos; 4 people dishing up about 100 dogs food bowls all at the same time. I managed to get myself in order (with A LOT of help from the team) and it was time to start my day. From wrangling the dogs into not so user friendly harnesses, being dragged around the walking trail by some of the stronger dogs, being jumped on countless times, managing a couple of “sits” and “downs” and trying to figure out exactly what “life enrichment” entails, I was shocked when I realised that it was already feeding time again. Until after my first day at Dogtown, I had no idea what it felt like to be truly exhausted. (And Filthy!!)

Now it’s a month later… I’ve mastered feeding time and the harnesses. (Which I thought was impossible) I learn something new about  canine behaviour every day. My dogs are no longer dragging me around the trail, I’m only being jumped on some of the time.(I’m working on this) I feel my training ability is improving daily, I’m much stronger and less tired than before but I still can’t seem to ditch the dirt and I now finally know exactly what it means to enrich a dog’s life!

To my dogs Mel, Max, Allie, Sasha, Noah, Tam Tam, Zoey, Mad Max, Yogi Bear, Zorro,Claudia, Will and Gracie; I look forward to building strong bonds with each of you special pooches. And to the Dogtown crew, thanks for welcoming me aboard and giving me this completely unique opportunity. I feel humbled and grounded each and every morning that I walk into the chaotic kitchen.