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Gaylene & William – A Princess’s story

IMG_3774Hi there.

My name is Gaylene now. I am a princess and I have my own prince and we are living in a beautiful palace. Like Buckingham palace.

Before now, I think I was someone’s stepdaughter and they threw me out on the street because they did not like me….. just like Cinderella.

But then I was rescued and became a princess who is living in a palace called Dogtown.

Life is really good here. I have a nice garden with a nice house and soft blankets. I get served food twice a day, and in between nice “servants” are giving me nice treats and teaching me interesting things. I think by myself regularly, that life can’t get better than this. But how wrong I was!

On one IMG_3825beautiful, sunny day, I met my prince! And none other than Prince William! Yes, that’s right! Prince William!

It was love at first sight. I was waiting outside the palace’s gates with my “servant” to go for my stroll through the lovely scenery, and there he was…He was magnificent! Gracious long legs, beautiful pointed ears, slender body (he walked with such proudness!), and the most beautiful and softest eyes I had ever seen. When we looked at each other, we both knew that we found our soul mates. We walked and played and flirted the whole walk…. and life became even better. …

I am a Princess now. I must be, with Prince William at my side. Princess Gaylene…… Prince William…. side by side, living in a beautiful palace called Dogtown. (Sigh). Life is just so good…….

Nowadays we are dreaming of one other thing……. To become King William and Queen Gaylene of our own happy, forever home!

And dreams do come true, don’t they?

By Susan, Caregiver

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