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Get to work with dogs … a foot in the door

Get to work with dogs – a foot in the door.

Very, very often people say that they wish they could work with dogs, they get a nostalgic look on their face and their bottom lip pouts involuntary. If this sounds like you, well then, here is some news for you.

The good news is, you do not have to quit your job with all it’s benefits and turn your life upside down in one moment in order to fulfill a dream. But you can start chipping away at it on your own pace and in your own time.   There are many short courses available for pet owners, then of course there are more formal training and behaviour courses available. There are therapy-dog programmes, where you and your dog can work together and then of course there is volunteering at a rescue centre. And what do you know, we have one right here.

If you are considering a career or even a ‘hobby’ in the world of dogs, volunteering at a rescue centre will give you more hands on experience than you can ever ask for. If you are looking for a foot in the door, volunteering is it (and of course eventually a qualification).   All volunteering will cost you is your time.

As a rehabilitation centre, Dogtown specialises in ALL types of behaviour issues and training issues. These are the people you want to eavesdrop on when it comes to behaviour modification and training. This is the place where you’d want to learn and gain experience.

Dogtown offers a very wide range of volunteering options, for people who have never handled dogs before to people who have been working with dogs for years.   I would also like to encourage behaviour students to join our volunteer programme. As a behaviour student, you will be able to attend some workshops and get to assist with the behaviour modification programmes of our misunderstood kids.

So if you want to start working with dogs, this is your chance, this is the opportunity and all you have to do is e-mail volunteer@dogtownsa.org for more information on our volunteer programme.

By Tersha, Trainer