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Goofy bundle of energy called Lindsay

img_0039World, meet Lindsay! He is all muscles and legs, but a real sweetheart. This smart fella has it all – great looks, and a bright mind to boot! A goofy bundle of energy!

Lindsay was rescued with his 4 friends when roaming the busy Summit Road in Midrand, obviously seeking for food. Despite the shelter being full, it was a known fact that Dogtown had to take them in as they wouldn’t survive for long on the busy street wandering in front of moving cars.

When I got the privilege to be his caretaker some three months ago, I was greeted by this goofy bundle of energy on a…… not so gentle manner…… He is still a teenager, and we all know teenagers are not so polite all the time. So, our first meeting went like this…. I got knocked over (because he is so BIG!), received lots, and I mean LOTS of sloppy kisses while down on the ground, and through all the eagerness and excitement, a little nip or two…. What a welcome I got from this energetic boy! I loved him with all my heart from that moment on, although I knew that what was coming won’t be easy……but will be worth every single struggle. And he did not disappoint me!

It was common knowledge from that day on …. do not make Lindsay excited – you will come of second best! Purely because he is such a goofy bundle of energy!

We started off with calming exercises and basic obedience training, and I am proud to say that my bundle of energy is doing sooo good! He has learned that calm greetings will help him make more friends more quickly and that his chance to be adopted is bigger and will come sooner.

Then the day came that I introduced him to toys – and what a surprise I got!

He had no idea what he’s dealing with and what to do with it, even when I threw the tennis ball for him to catch, he acted all goofy around it. He gave the squeaky toy that goofy look, big frown between his eyes………It was the saddest thing. I realized he was a teenager, and he had no interactions with toys, not even as a puppy: (

I left the toys with him and am happy to say that he started to play with purple tug ring, bit the squeak out the squeaky toy and tossed the balls around. That was the moment I realized that this bundle of goofy energy will be ok! He will be adopted by a wonderful family soon and boy ……will he make them happy and they will love him forever!!

So, Lindsay’s family, don’t hesitate! Adopt him today!

By Susan, Caregiver

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