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Gracie doesn’t like the big loud monsters

Gracie is a loving, pretty girl who is a one of a kind mix breed. We discovered she was very unsettled by loud noises around her she becomes very stressed and panics when any form of loud sound is being heard close by eg passing truck,car,gun etc.  We began taking her out for walks passing parked cars and allowing her to move closer to it so that she gains confidence allowing her to choose whether she went near the big shiny monster or not. With each interaction we achieved a little progress and I started walking on the walking trail closer to the road with cars passing by. She began to feel safe when it was smaller cars but when the big trucks came past she would get a fright.  Something I noticed was she always looked up in the sky every time a truck or car passed by.  Then Joanna asked me to bring her to the training field near to the road for some trainings to give her some fun stuff to do that kept her mind and body busy while the cars drove past in the distance. We did stuff like obstacles and good manners training and it’s been a great help. She did great on both trainings concentrating so much on her class that she didn’t even notice the passing cars.  Now she can walk next to the passing car without any problems and can also do trainings on open fields with big trucks passing by without any panics. So it just goes to show with the right training at her own pace Gracie managed to overcome her fear of sounds passing by.

By Patson


gracie1 GRACIE gracie copy