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While working at the farm I had the huge pleasure working with a beautiful boy named Hanni. Hanni is a bit of an older dog so finding something for him to do without a lot of strain on his joints was not the easiest task. One of the trainers I work with suggested that we try and teach Hanni some scent work and see how good he would be as a sniffer dog. We decided to use one or two teabags stuffed in a sock as the ‘drug’. At first he wasn’t sure what to do and would grab the sock and hide it inside his little house but once he learnt the concept of what to do he loved it. We managed to teach him to pick the sock up and bring it back. He really got into the whole looking for drugs exercise. As soon as he heard you say “where the drugs?” his ears would perk up and his tail would wag to the point of almost falling off. Hanni had even gotten to the extent where I could put down 3 different socks under 3 different buckets and he would find the tea bags every time, and then of course he would carry the sock around his run showing off in case anyone was watching that he was smarter than me and that he could find the ‘drugs’. I guess the moral of the story is no matter what breed your dog is and no matter what happened to them in the past, if you find something they enjoy and you are willing to invest the time you can really teach your dog anything.

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