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Happy Homings in July 2018

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July was a quiet month for adoptions but we are still very happy for our 3 special furkids who got to sail off into the sunset with their forever families. This month we said farewell to Liddie, Lucy and Banjo. Enjoy your new lives munchkins 🙂


Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 12.50.27 PMFor those who don’t remember Liddie, she was surrendered by her family (under less than ideal circumstances) together with her brother Arthur. Well Arthur was adopted 2 years ago and sadly Liddie stayed behind. Since then, we have had lots of enquiries for her but nothing ever materialized.

Well last week we received a call from Arthur’s family to say that they are finally in a position to adopt Liddie as well 🙂 We were all beside ourselves with excitement. We introduced them to each other again and it was as though they had been together their whole lives, best friends like they were before 🙂

We are so happy to see these 2 back together, their mom has given us a number of updates and despite the odd shoe disappearing (hehehe) Liddie has settled in perfectly and loving life with Arthur once again.

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Our lovely Lucy has been adopted! This sweet girl and her 2 friends were adopted by a family who decided to move and simply leave them on the property, to fend for themselves. Thankfully another rescue centre was able to take them in and keep them safe until we could make space for them at Dogtown. Lucy is such a sweet girl and we have been desperate to find her a loving home where she can blossom and come out of her shell.

Lucy’s luck changed the day that the most amazing family booked their dog into our pet lodge and asked the team to see if we have anybody who could possibly be a friend for her little dog. Lucy of course came to mind and the dogs got along like a house on fire! Lucy is doing so well in her home and slept on the bed last night, like she so deserves 🙂 Have a happy life sweet girl.

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Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 1.37.18 PMAh our handsome boy Banjo has finally found his forever home. Banjo is the most amazing little guy who has been overlooked so many times but finally his perfect family found him!  Banjo’s first family had to move to a smaller place and sadly could not keep him, which is how he ended up at Dogtown.

Banjo went home today to a home where he will be the only child so he will get all the love and attention he so deserves. Banjo’s dad is already quite smitten with him, it was love at first sight for them.

Enjoy your forever home little Banjo, we hope to get lots of happy updates of all the adventures you and your dad go on.

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