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Happy Homings in October 2018

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October has a been a hard month for Dogtown in terms of new dogs, we have had no less than TEN STRAYS in the last few weeks and trying to find space for them and then getting together the funds to have them checked out, vaccinated, dewormed and sterilized is of course a big worry.

But among all the panic of the never-ending-newbie-list, we find comfort in our adoptions! For October … SIX of our amazing dogs joined their forever families! That means SIX beautiful souls get to start their new chapter with families who will love them and take care of them like they deserve 🙂

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The first of our awesome October adoptions is the comical and very sweet, Peanut! He was the very last of our Woof Project adoptions and we could not be happier that he found such an amazing family to love and care for him. Peanut was one of the dogs who came to us via CLAW originally, as they were struggling to find a home for him. Lucky for us, his forever family was literally just around the corner! Enjoy your new life dear Peanut!



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It’s always a big thing when dogs go home but when our oldies get adopted, it’s kind of a big deal. Benji was originally adopted from us maaaany years ago but sadly his mom had to surrender him back to Dogtown recently. Benji is such a special, social boy and even though he has some sore joints here and there, his new forever family still fell head over heals in love with him. Benji now has a work-from-home family which is is more than happy with! Cuddles and love all day long… yes Benji definitely approves!


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Jedi is the last of our St Bulldog puppies to join her family but you know what they say… save the best for last. Jedi is a very interesting dog as she is what the vets call a “pseudo-hermaphrodite” meaning she was born with male and female parts. Of course our specialist vet ran all sorts of tests and once given the all clear, she was sterilized. We say “she” because she had majority female bits so she is a she 🙂 A very special home for our very special girl came at just the right time. Jedi (who is now called Amy) is now officially little sister to Nunu (in the pic) and Jayda (adopted from Dogtown, but she was a bit camera shy on the day). She even has some of her very own tiny humans to keep her company now. One BIIIIIG happy family for our special girl.


Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 11.17.07 AM

Ah Chappie….. we could not be happier for you! After spending a year and a half with us while her family got themselves sorted and settled in the USA, she finally got to be reunited with her family. It’s a day we never thought would come because the States has BSL in so many areas but Chappie’s family pulled out all the stops and after months of research and planning, she finally made her way to Miami, Florida, where she is once again part of the family who loved her so much all this time. Be happy Chappie! We could not be happier.


Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 11.14.36 AM

Yip, I’ve done what I mentioned earlier. I left the best for last. I say it’s the best because a homing like this one, does not come around often, if ever. First, let me tell you about the family. Well Josie (she was Jasmine at Dogtown) was adopted many years ago and sadly she recently lost her friend, so her mom contacted me to say she would like to adopt an old dog, who is not likely to find a home. Immediately, I thought of Sniper! But I had to think carefully before I could suggest him because there are so many things about Sniper that people cant deal with, which is why this awesome guy has been with us all these years without any interest. Firstly, he is 11 years old. He also has a host of medical issues ranging from tumours to heart murmurs all the way through to spondylosis. Then if you can look past his age and all his medical issues, there is also his intense fear of thunder, meaning he would need to be in a very safe and understanding family in order for him to deal with the thunderstorms when they happen. But I had to suggest him, he is the most social, loving, affectionate boy and even with the list of “issues”… he still deserved to be considered. I also suggested Phoebe who is an easy girl, no issues, no medical problems and much younger. In my head, it would be a no-brainer that the family would choose Phoebe, the easier choice. But boy did I underestimate the “awesomeness” of this family. After meeting the dogs, they promptly phoned to say they will be adopting both Sniper and Phoebe! I literally did a happy dance! Well Sniper’s first weekend consisted of lots of rain and thunder and the updates I received of him just chilling on the couch with his human, not at all phased by the monsters in the sky, was enough to make our hearts sing! Josie, Sniper and Phoebe are the perfect little furry family and if I had to put our adoptions on an awesomeness scale, this one would be right at the top of that list! Enjoy your new home babies!