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Thank you

Thank you

Remember when I said yesterday that when life gives you Lemons you need to focus on the good stuff. Well I’ve been doing my best to make sure I practice what I preach and you know what?  YOU GUYS came through for us again and when I went into banking we had covered our immediate costs.  Thank you each and every one of you for coming to our rescue. It was a very worrying situation to be in and I’m doing my best to make sure that doesn’t happen again. You can help remove the panic at the end of each month by simply signing up for a debit order. Please email pat@dogtownsa.org any amount will help. Maybe you could sacrifice one cappuccino and sign a debit order for that amount and help us save more lives. Of course you can always sms DOG to 38919 and donate R10. That R10 is a yummy meal for an abandoned furkid.

I know times are tough, our money just doesn’t seem to do as much as it used to. The scary thing is the cost of living is going up much more rapidly than the increases companies are able to afford. So we understand the struggle, its very real and we feel bad enough having to always ask for help. But without YOU we can do nothing and there is no other doggie shelter in our country the provides the level of care that we do at Dogtown and we’re very proud of that.

We’re proud that our dogs receive their daily routines of mental, physical and emotional stimulation by qualified caregivers.

We’re proud that our caregivers have studied animal behaviour and continue to learn every day.

We’re proud that we have one of the most experienced and qualified animal behaviourist in the country heading up our teams.

We’re proud that our team are dedicated even though the financial reward is not equal to the dedication they give to Dogtown, if we had the funds we would reward them like they truly deserve.

We’re proud that after 9 long years we have finally built the beginnings of the dream sanctuary for dogs.

We’re proud that we have saved hundreds of misunderstood dogs and have helped them overcome their difficulties in living in this crazy human world.

We’re proud of our incredible supporters, who have helped make this dream a reality and continue to help each day.

We’re proud of our volunteers who come rain or shine  to spend quality time with our dogs and help them find loving homes.

We’re proud of our incredible sponsors who help Dogtown make a big difference everyday.

We’re proud of our website barkingmad, where we help over 30 shelters promote themselves, their dogs and their fundraising events.

We’re proud of our click to feed project where we help feed shelter dogs around the country with 2 tons of food (Dogtown is not a beneficiary of the lick to feed project)

We’re proud of our Spay it Forward project that helps us sterilise and help struggling families take care of their dogs.

We’re PROUD of  YOU

Thank you Townies, I will sleep well tonight and tomorrow we will begin the rocky road to do our best to make sure we dont hit this crisis again.


I love you with all my being and I am incredibly grateful for each and everyone of you.

Tracy & The Rescues