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Hello from Bobbie-Girl

A00_6088Good morning friends, Bobbie Girl here again.

Just thought I’d send all the readers a quick update about living the Dogtown life.

Recently I am getting more and more comfortable with people and being touched. My caregivers are really teaching me how to trust again.

I can now walk happily in a harness and even learning how to swim!

You may be wondering where my hubby Widget is. Well, he recently found his forever home with a lovely family.

It was extremely difficult for us to say goodbye to each other, but we both knew its for the better.

Now he’s gone, my caregivers are giving me lots of attention and love and hoofs and bones which is so nice and helps to relax.

But i would still love to find my forever home. I’m an old girl but will love you with all my heart.

Please wont you come and visit me.Give me chance?

Here is the link to my online profile: https://barkingmad.co.za/pets/bobbie/

Hope to see you soon.

Lots of love,


By Savannah, Caregiver