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Here comes the sun

Here comes the Sun

I love the sunshine and so do the dogs. And this month we plan on making our dogs’ gardens the perfect summer hangout. Are you with us? Yes, I know it’s only spring but spring kind of went on vacation so summer showed up and took the spot in her absence, so the heat is a little more than expected already.

At any given time during the day you will see a Dogtown dog soaking up the sun. The problem is, after a bit of enjoying the sunshine they need a cool down so we need to make sure they have a nice cooling option. A winner here at the town of dogs has always been their paddle pools so we are hoping you will help us get some of the clam shells pools for them so they can take a dip, cool down and then return to soaking up the warmer weather. They cost R170 and if we could give each dog at Dogtown a paddle pool it would be so awesome. Go figure, they love their paddle pools but when it’s time for a bath, water is the worst thing ever. Typical hey? Now the most difficult decision you need to make is who do you want to sponsor a pool for. Email pat@dogtownsa.org and let her know or let her choose for you.

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Another way we can keep our dogs cool is by planting them a lovely patch of grass in their gardens. They really do cool the area down and the dogs love nothing more than rolling about on the grass. So we’re hoping you will help us give each dog a patch of grass by donating R500 towards their garden makeover. I feel we should call this project Master Dog Garden Makeover so if you and your friends are up for the challenge why not spend the day revamping one of our dogs gardens so they can enjoy the day doing what dogs love best. Rolling about on the grass, chilling on their Hound Sleeper, snuggling with their caregivers and volunteers or simply watching the world go by. We understand you don’t always have the time to come and spend the day with us so if you would just like to sponsor a grass patch for R500, that’s cool too.

No dog wants to live on a concrete slab all day, like us they love the grass and being close to nature. Now although our dogs don’t have concrete slabs in their big gardens here at Dogtown, the soil does become hard and I’ve seen the dogs checking our Shady Pines retirement village with their luscious lawns and I hear them all discussing how they would love to have a grass patch of their own.
Please will you help us make our rescues dogs gardens the best they can be. Again the most difficult decision, really is which furkid are your going to sponsor a patch of grass for? Don’t worry if you can’t decide. Email pat@dogtownsa.org and she will help you choose.

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