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How “Let’s Go” helped my dogs

Before international trainers, Steve and Nando came to us this year,  I didn’t know about “LET’S GO”
Because we work with different dogs with different problems, it is really important to know different kinds of training and to have many ideas to deal with it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.50.16 AMMicheal is one of my dogs in my section in rehab, his biggest problem is other dogs, he doesn’t like other dogs at all . So since I have heard about “let’s go”, the first dog I wanted to do that with was Michael. It was not easy but I had to try, I really work hard to try to help my dogs. At first I used a dummy-dog and that helped me a lot because the dummy-dog doesn’t move or react. So I tried it for a few times and then I moved on to a real dog.

Because I know Michael very well, I decided to do this while out on a walk because he loves to go for walks and he was in front with me and the other dog was behind us at a distance. And the other thing that helped us a lot is that the dog we decided to use in this excercise is well socialised with other dogs.

 Michael kept looking at her and then I was saying to him “let’s go” – when I say let’s go I was running but not fast but just to take him out of the situation and it went well. I continued doing that for a week with him and then I ask one of our best trainers, mr. Gordon, to help me with him in play area. He asked one of our other caregivers to bring one of his dogs and he went in and I was outside the gate and as soon as Michael looked at that dog,  I would say “let’s go” and run. Then I give nice back pat as his reward because he doesn’t take treats outside his garden.

We tried that several times and it worked so well, now I can also take Michael out to do social walks in a group because I know that I can use “let’s go” if I need to.

I remember one day I was walking him and Tracy, our other trainer, was walking one of her dogs, Rocky, and I used “let’s go” and it worked perfectly. I gave way to Tracy with Rocky without any issues.

So people, believe me there are many ways to train or teach our dogs but the problem is we don’t always have all the information, so ask for help if you have dog like Michael and it will work for you too. You just need a bit of patience.

By James, Caregiver