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How the Clicker Course helped me

11904731_10153091513158683_3027374263554340207_nAs as a caregiver at Dogtown we need to always be adding new training techniques to our tool box. Which often means more studying and courses need to be done. After all the more you know the more you can help the furkids in your care.

I recently joined half of our caregivers on a clicker course ran by Ttouch South Africa and boy did I learn a lot.
Small but important facts like how my timing of the reward or marker can easily help me confuse the dog, if I dont catch the exact behavior I want to see. I thought I new clicker from my puppy training class, but learning about the science behind it and the importance of making in-depth notes of your daily progress helped me so much. Im taking all this new information and explaining it to my fellow caregivers who didn’t attend the course and this is helping us all to achieve so much more in our training sessions.

Our teacher on our clicker course Eugenie was incredible, helping us understand each and everything she was teaching us, if we struggled she would come and work with us one on one which was awesome. This was by far one of my favourite courses I have attended and I learnt so much to make my training more structured.

By James