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IMDT – Here I come!

IMDT – Here I come

By James, Team leader

image3I’m very very excited to have passed my first IMDT assignment!

I work very to achieve my goals as a dog trainer . Dogtown gave me opportunity to do my IMDT course which I’m looking forward to complete. The course I’m doing now it very challenging and it requires a lot of reading of various books which is tough considering my time constraints, but because l want to see myself on another level of training dogs, I have to make time.

Because i always believe in myself, nothing is impossible to me. I have had many late nights during my first IMDT assignment but it has paid off for me and the rest of the Dogtown team. With all the support I gets from people like Mr G, and my wife, everything is possible.

I’m very excited to start my second unit. I am a bit nervous but I will do it with all my heart. I know this will benefit all of us at Dogtown as we try to make our caregivers the best they can be and help our dogs find homes, which is the big dream here at DogtownSA. Wish me luck 🙂