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Insta-Fame Your Pooch

Insta-Fame Your Pooch

By Mary-Jane Gallagher

Should your best fur friend be getting more likes than a Kardashian?  That answer is undoubtedly yes for more reasons than cuteness, but the true value of starting an Instagram account featuring your furbaby is good old-fashioned digital scrapbooking.  Whether you adopt a Cape Town pup in need or raise litters of your own, capturing those special moments are a must.

Any good (fur) parent knows how fast they grow. There are highlights you’ll want to record from youth through dogdulthood: Fido’s first friend, Duke’s favourite dog run, Clancy’s cuddle corner…  And although our cat-loving counterparts will claim their furry friends are the cutest, Instagram has plenty of puppy love to go around as the 700,000+ followers of the ever-popular #puppiesofinstagram will attest.  So set up that puppy page and post, post, post.

Scrapbooking Scooby

These days, rather than scrapbooking like your grandma did, people are creative ways to pull from the charming and traditional while successfully merging with the digital and innovative.  In years past, folks would pull together photos, fur, and favorite pieces that make up the life they’re literally piecing together.  Today, for better and for worse, we can curate pieces as we’ve done before, but then digitally upload, edit and share our memories wide adding a whole new level of multi-media creativity to this long-lived tradition.


It’s true that a good dog photo or video can coax a smile or provide a belly laugh, but there are few ways to bond more deeply with your four-legged friend than taking the time to hand draw his loving face.  The easiest way to give this a go is while your little one sleeps.  Although drawing can seem intimidating for some of us stick-figure artists, there are accessible approaches to doodling an image of your pup. Best of all, once that drawing is done, you can scrapbook it with the rest of the best onto your Insta account. Whether your drawing resembles your five-year-old’s farm dog or rivals dog artist, Nicholas Beall’s masterpieces, it’s worth sharing on your dedicated puppy page.

Capture Your Pup

It’s well-documented that dogs are good for our hearts both figuratively and literally, so it’s only logical that the more time we spend doting on them, photographing them, sketching them, and posting their mugs, the happier and healthier we’ll be. So set free your inner Picasso, Warhol, Scorsese, and Weber; capture their image the way they captured your heart and share away.