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Is Your Dog’s Chewing Driving You Barking Mad?

After a day at work or a couple hours running errands, do you come home to find your favorite shoe torn to pieces? Destructive chewing is a common behavior in dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. However, it can be exceptionally annoying and highly undesirable when your four-legged pal destroys your shoes, furniture, and clothes. It can also lead to other potentially life-threatening issues if he puts something toxic in his mouth. Therefore, to help your dog stay healthy and keep your furniture in tip-top shape, check out some of these simple tips on how to get your best friend to kick his darkest habit.


Chew on this instead

Some dogs will chew on items when they’re anxious or frustrated, which is why their habit tends to become extremely destructive when you’re away from home. They’re simply looking for something to blow off some of their anxiety, so why not give them something else to chew on instead? You can find chew toys that are veterinarian-approved to for your dog’s health, bones, and teeth at your local pet store. You will want to opt for the hard, durable toys rather than stuffed animals since these last longer and get a large variety so that Fido doesn’t get bored. Also, be sure to stay away from cooked bones such as T-bones or chicken wings as these can splinter, disrupt your dog’s intestines, and cause some serious pain. Instead, give him pig ears or rawhide bones.


Try using a chewing deterrent

Dogs have an intense sense of smell and use it to figure out what would be good to eat. Therefore, you should make your household items unappealing to their senses. Pay attention to your little one and try to spot the items that he is attracted to. Then, spray these items with a chewing deterrent. You can get these deterrents pre-made at the pet store or make your own by mixing apple cider vinegar and white vinegar. After obtaining the deterrent, spray a cloth and gently place it in front of your pooch’s nose. He’ll sniff it, taste it, and spit it out. This will help to associate the smell with the disgusting taste and prevent him from chewing on anything in the house that smells the same.


Take to the streets

Some dogs chew on furniture simply because they’re bored. This is likely due to a lack of physical or mental stimulation throughout the day and particularly a lack of exercise. Therefore, to stop your dog from chewing on your furniture, take him outside and play with him as much as you can. You should be going out for daily walks and play some fun games such as fetch of flyball. This will stimulate their mind and body and prevent them from becoming bored. You can boost their health and promote the longevity of your household items at the same time.

Your dog will most likely chew on some of your household items. However, you can help channel their behavior in the right way. Be sure to get him chew toys, use a chewing deterrent, and get plenty of exercise and you can increase the life of your dog and your furniture.


By Mary-Jane Gallagher,

Free Lance Writer