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Hey Townies
Hope you are all having a super duper month so far. We’re just popping in to show you some of the things the Dogtown Team have been up to this past month.
When it comes to dogs, no 2 dogs are ever the same so every dog needs a different life care plan when they come to Dogtown and with us outdoing ourselves on the intake front *facepalm* we have been super busy evaluating each of our new intakes and developing enrichment programmes that will meet their individual needs. I believe strongly in making every dogs stay at Dogtown feel more like a holiday then a shelter. Of course we cant make sanctuary life everything their heart desires they need a loving family of their own to dote on them all day long for that, but we get as close as possible.


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Remember when you were kids and you went on those holidays that had special activities set up for kids to give the parents a bit of a break. I kind of think of Dogtown that way. All of us are the entertainment team and it’s our duty to make sure we are consistently finding new ways to keep our dogs days full of fun interactions while learning. Of course there is always the shy quiet ones and the boisterous bullies. Ones that love strenuous activities and ones that simply would prefer you to just give them a belly scratch. So knowing what each of our furkids likes and enjoys is really important in creating their life plan while at Dogtown.

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With a big intake like the 10 clawbies that came in, in one go we certainly had our work cut out for us, using every behaviour and training tool we knew to develop fun activities for them that will show us where they are as far as personality, fear and training goes.
One good thing for us is they are all generally social and behave great with other dogs so the first activity was to start separating them up and finding them new roomies within the dogtown family.  Every one of them has found their new roomie and they are currently busy with their roomie test period. The trainers and caregivers have also spent quite a bit of time working with them on their human skills. When they first arrived there was a lot of mouthing, nipping and jumping up, which is perfectly fine in doggie world but humans tend to frown on that so they’ve all been on a crash course to learn how to live in this crazy world with humans. This is where our awesome volunteers help us so much. The more people they meet the better they get at practicing their new behaviours (hint hint email volunteer@dogtownsa.org)


Our group classes we give each day also vary to accommodate the different dogs likes and dislikes.
Our social classes are popular with most dogs, where everyday the exercise is different its just to get the dogs to enjoy being in bigger groups of dogs and people. That kind of activity would scare some of our other dogs, so they are given more calming individual or smaller group activities. Some of our other dogs prefer their time out in the bush with their caregiver searching for treasures laid out by their caregiver before the exercise. Others love agility and enjoy the fast, high energy pace of it while others will look at the dogs in agility class like they have lost their mind. A dog can also like something too much and then get too excited and this causes them to act inappropriately and we have to find them an activity that is much more suitable for their personality and excitement level, we tend to do more activities that teaches these dogs to just relax and enjoy their time. Some dogs dont really know how to relax (some humans to if I’m honest, yours truly included )

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Ttouch sessions are a win for most of our furkids  (unless they are like me and the thought of touching and massages are enough to run for the closet hill) so thats generally a nice bonding moment with our dogs, as is just sitting with them in their gardens reading to them or just enjoying the view together. We always take into account that dogs can also have bad days just like us, so sometimes we have great plans for the day and the dog decides neh not in the mood, and thats ok to.

Our days are never dull and no 2 days are ever the same. Its kind of awesome and sad all in one. Its awesome to see dogs appreciate something you put in place just for them but its sad that they are not in a loving home getting this loving care and more but we will never stop searching for those perfect loving homes for our dogs and until we do, we will make sure their needs are met above and beyond. Thank you so much to all of you who support our work, its because of you that we can do so much for the dogs in our care.