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I’ve been adopted – but what about my friends?

DSC_1380My name is David and my story started when my so called family moved to a new place and left me and my sister behind 🙁 They simply packed up and moved on, not a thought in the world about what would happen to us. Somebody was looking out for us though because the local AWS received a call about us and they came to get us. That was a huge relief. Fending for ourselves would not have been a happy life for me and my sister. It was a scary time for us both because we then got moved again from local AWS to DogtownSA, who offered to help as they had space at the time. And that is where our story really started.

Well I got to meet so many new dogs from all walks of life. Some from really crappy backrounds and other simply lost their way (literally). I made so many friends and got to hear so many stories, the Dogtown dogs are all one big family 🙂


So one day, a lady came to meet the Dogtown dogs – she looked into my eyes and that was it – instant connection. I met her current little dog and we hit it off like a house on fire! So once the humans handled all the admin stuff and a before I could say “who da most handsome dog in da house” – it was my ADOPTION DAY!

Well I was tagged and brushed and collared and fussed and landed my little bum firmly in the butter. My new home is awesome, my mom made such a big fuss about me and showed me all my new STUFF 🙂 My new sister is really awesome too and we have really bonded. So this is where my story brings me….

d53643e1-ae90-45ee-9177-d518acab75deLast night I was laying in bed with my new sister, warm and toasty under my fleecy blankets and just before I closed my eyes all the dogs of Dogtown rushed to my mind. Suddenly I was overcome with sadness because I thought, what made me special? Why was I picked? What made me different from so many other exactly like me, all waiting for their forever families to come 🙁

So many of my friends were left behind, so many of them who would have loved this home as much as I do. So many of my brothers and sisters who have been let down by humans and have found themselves homeless because of it. So I closed my eyes really tight and sent up a little prayer to the universe to please shine it’s light a little brighter on the dogs of Dogtown. To please send families their way who would love and cherish them and to help the humans at Dogtown to take care of them while they wait.

I am tucked in for the night and tomorrow evening before bed I will be looking over my mom’s shoulder when she is looking at the Dogtown Facebook page to see if the universe sent any miracles their way and if any of my Dogtown-Fur-Siblings have left the building to start their new lives. This will be my little night time ritual each night before I get tucked in for bed 🙂 Love always, David xx