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Jackie, it must be Love

IMG_8205I bet when you come home in the evenings after a hard day’s work you will agree there is nothing more awesome than being greeted by a smiley face, wriggly body and wagging tail with a ball or big toy in your four legged friend’s mouth who is sooooo eagerly waiting to play with you.   You have to agree it is honestly impossible to resist and even if you are really stressed out from your day, you feel yourself smiling even laughing , taking your furkid’s toy in your hand and happily making your way to your garden to play. All of your troubles for the next 15 or 20 minutes just melt away.   Well Jackie, a medium-sized Africanis blend, would definitely love to be your playmate at your gate and has enough energy and enthusiasm to play any game you like and take great delight in bringing back a toy or a ball for as long as you have time for her.   Jackie is one of the newbies at DogtownSA.   Unfortunately her previous owner was no longer able to care for her and was desperately trying to find a safe place for her to go. Dogtown was able to assist and when she arrived she went to live in a small little run with a garden and a lovely comfortable place to sleep with lots of blankets to snuggle right inside and feel really safe and secure whilst she took her time to get familiar with her new surroundings. During her first week she also visited our suuper vet for a check up to make sure she was 100% and at the same time was sterlised and chipped.   I am sure all you guys out there know that Dogtown does this with every new resident on arrival, just to make sure that all our furkids are in the best health possible and if not, do whatever is necessary to get them to be healthy.   Jackie settled in very quickly and initially had two close neighbours, also in separate runs similar to hers and they starting to chat and even touch noses through the fence when she was going out for her daily walks. It was quite apparent that she loved going out on these walks and was well behaved on the lead right from the start.   Her buddies began filling her in on all the routines of the centre as well as a lot of the “fur-gossip”!!!!!

Then after a few weeks Jackie was able to move into a bigger run with her own little Wendy house and garden backing on to another run housing a rather handsome furkid by the name of Lennox.   Well the “love” arrows started flying across and recently they have been going out on walks together and even having play time in the play area and then back to Lennox’s run for even more games. The love is definitely blossoming.   But Jackie also watches as the other furkids go past her run out on their walks and has been very sociable when meeting up with any of these other potential “beaus”. She is really quite the all-rounder as the loves being with humans and is good with other furkids.   We have found her to be a quick learner and is flourishing in her training sessions.   She has already learnt how to sit, and understands when she hears her caregiver use the” clicker” what she has to do.   Once she does the correct exercise of course she then gets her yummy treat reward. Yet as happy as she is now and far more settled, she also has a dream and would love to have her very own forever family who has a furkid looking for a friend to play and romp around with.   Together you could all go to doggy school and she would continue to learn more obedience skills and make you very proud of her. She will flourish in a home where she is loved and cared for and in return will bring you many days of complete fun and happiness.

By Joanna

IMG_8858lennox jackielennox jackielennox jackieIMG_8845