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moxi and jacques2

‘Ello ‘Ello ‘Ello – or should I say “Bonjour” all you special peeps out there.
I thought it was time to update you on my life at Dogtown and tell you all about my new “furgal” companion named Moxi. I recently got to meet this beauty as her previous companion was adopted and she was left alone. Now at Dogtown the special carers try very hard to make sure we have friends to live with and there was no way that such a stunning furgal was going to not have a companion of the top caliber. So you can see why I was chosen to meet up with her because of my suave French connections!!!!!!

She is a beeaauuttiiffuull German Shepherd with a very pretty face and a twinkle in her eyes that is so enticing. She is still learning to trust humans so, apart from me wooing this lovely furgal one of my particular duties is to help her overcome her fearfulness of humans and being touched and cuddled. In fact over the last few weeks I have been explaining lots of things to her about the special peeps at Dogtown. Honestly they are really the best. Every morning we both get our food hand delivered – mine in a special slow feeder (so that I can savour each mouthful as any French connoisseur does) and Moxi has hers in a bowl so that she can eat without getting her snout and whiskers messy.

We both love water and our caregivers have given us a shell each and fill it regularly during the day. I have to admit that I love going in and out of mine and making lots of mud paws all around our run and often sneak into her’s as well to test the temperature is acceptable for such a fine fur-lady. I am secretly hoping that she will start playing games with me in the water but I think she is still a wee bit shy – but I will be a good fur-gent and wait until she is ready. You know it is not polite to rush a lady!!!!

I am also trying my hardest to persuade her to let these wonderful carers put a lead and harness on her so that we can go out for walks together . You may remember from my previous story, that one of my bestest enjoyments, that is part of this exclusive hotel’s “entertainment activities”, are the suupper duupper walks we go on. My caregivers take me on the different trails all over the mountain and I get so excited that I want to smell every bush and shrub.
Recently I also have been going on these tracking trails which are “such fun”. A long line is attached to my harness and I am told to sniff and I put my nose on the ground and hey presto – I find these yummy treats and just keep following them and at the end I find a huge jackpot of treats and everyone is very happy and pleased with me. I get cuddles and kisses and feel so special. So I really want Moxi to be able to experience these great days. I do hope that soon she will find the courage to come with me. One of my other favourite happenings is still to be brushed and have my carer or my regular visitors whisper in my ear and tell me just how handsome I am!!!!
But as happy as I am and getting to know my new lovely furlady I do still have one dream which I would dearly wish to come true, which is to have my very own family that would love and care for me forever. I would be thrilled to accompany you and your family on walks, go with you on outings and be at your side ready to play games or just sit and chill whilst you have a picnic or a braai. I am also a very good listener and would listen to all your stories and give you many ideas to help you solve your problems with as many kisses as you need. Honestly I will give you all my love and affection every day and be your ever faithful companion. So I look forward to meeting you – hopefully – very soon.

By Joanna,

Team Leader