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IMG_6728When you hear the name Jacques (as pronounced the French way) it may conjure up in your mind a suave Frenchman in a well-tailored suit, designer shoes and a beautiful damsel on his arm.

Well I may not be quite the suave traditional French man you may expect, however I am an extremely handsome and debonair four-legged fur-gent and would love to be walking at your side wherever and whenever you needed a faithful chaperon.

My story started with me being terribly frightened and scared because my fur-buddies and I had managed to get ourselves stranded on the centre island of an extremely busy road. We had got ourselves completely lost and were trying to get back to familiar places.   Sadly my one buddy had tried to get back to safety but tragically sustained fatal injuries on the road.   I was so unhappy and started to panic even more. My other buddy had taken a huge risk and bolted cross the road to safety. The minute he had crossed the road he was too scared to wait for me, and ran off before I had plucked up the courage to follow him.

To be honest I was so frightened I didn’t want to chance running amongst all those vehicles and thought if I stayed on the island maybe somehow I would get help. Well peeps believe it or not my prayers were answered as all of a sudden a vehicle stopped near to me and I was being rescued by these amazing peeps who had been notified of our dilemma. Gradually I made my way towards these peeps and gently they put into their vehicle and off we went. Little did I realise that this was going to be one of the best days of my life.

jacquesSoon we arrived at this great place called Dogtown and I was taken into a little garden with a house and inside the house were lots of warm fluffy blankets and cushions. I was given chews and treats to help me relax and settle in to my new surroundings.   Later in the afternoon one of those special peeps, who had been walking by my run regularly and talking to me came in with a bowl full of yummy food and meat. Soon my tummy was nice and full and even though I was miserable that my buddies weren’t with me I snuggled into my blankets and fell asleep.

I have a great daily routine with super yummy food twice a day and chews and treats but best of all walks with my special carer. Initially I was a wee bit nervous when we went outside as I could hear all the traffic and thought I might have to cross the road again but very quickly I realized that my carer made sure that our walks were far away from the cars and I was safe and out of harm’s way. I do enjoy going out more and more each day so when my carer comes in with the harness and lead I get very excited and want to give her lots of kisses. I am learning to sit and wait patiently before we go out and when I do I get special extra yummy treats.

I also get to meet some of the other furkids on these walks and am starting to make friends with them.   As I am a wee bit older I must say I do prefer the quieter furkids but I would love to have friends again.   On other days I get really spoiled and have a special time with my carer and she sits on the ground next to me and brushes me and whispers in my ear just how handsome I am!!!   Yet as happy as I am I do have one wish still.   That is to have my own family who will love and care for me forever.   So if you have a furry who needs a mature friend I would love to be that one.  I would be thrilled to accompany you and your family on walks, go with you on outings and be at your side ready to play games or just sit and chill whilst you have a picnic or a braai. I will give you all my love and affection every day and be your ever faithful companion.

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