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IMG_9335Jayda came to the center today. It was one of the saddest days for me at DogTown. I watched her loving family cry and cry as they signed the release forms and handed their doggie over to our care.
Jayda is a typical Labrador, big and loving but she wasn’t like that with one of her smaller doggie family and a decision had to be made.
I took her on a lovely long walk and she walks on a lead beautifully, we meandered along the walking trail talking and sniffing and getting to know each other. It’s hard to understand how confusing it must be for her when she sees a parked car in the parking lot and looks with glee to get in and go home…. But she won’t go back home.
She cried as the day got longer and I sat with her and stroked her ears. Telling her that she was loved and that everything would be okay because even though she misses her family and her family surely miss her, soon she’ll have a new mom and dad and in between then I’ll give her all the love in the world.

By Jade

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